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Registered in SAM for federal contracting.
UEI: F4ZUNNAZ8J51           CAGE: 9W0K8

Employee Retention 
Coaching & Consulting

I help employers who are concerned about losing their good employees, confidentially gather employee feedback to determine an effective retention strategy.


Dr. Cindy Copich

With over 25 years of dedicated experience in labor and employee relations, I have served as both an organizational leader and a locally elected community representative, establishing myself as a trusted confidante.

My extensive expertise uniquely positions me to provide invaluable guidance for enhancing your team's success; fostering sustained engagement, productivity, and loyalty of your very best employees.

I foster trust with my clients through authentic relationships and unwavering integrity. They rely on my commitment to not only articulate clear strategies but also to consistently deliver a tangible return on their investment.

I leverage my wealth of experience to drive success for your team and organization. Let me demonstrate how my proven track record can make a meaningful and financial impact on your business.

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A Trusted Partner, a Confidante

 Confidante (noun): känfə dänt- a woman trusted with a private matter


Allow my experience to work for you. Whether it's leadership development, recruitment, or something else, I can help.

Professional Learning

Ready for engaging professional learning experiences that make a positive impact?



Invest in your strengths.

Explore packages for Leadership Teams, Individuals, and Small Groups.

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