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Dr. Cindy Copich

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I genuinely care about my clients and want to empower them to be successful. I am passionate about all students having great schools and teachers being valued and respected to do their work as the professionals in the classroom. Being a school leader is challenging, I enjoy coaching leaders that care about students and their teachers and are willing to accept feedback. This philosophy guides my work to serve as your Confidante


Professional Background:

Doctorate in Educational Leadership


Certificated Nebraska Teacher & Administrator


Certified Gallup Strengths Coach


Professional Experience:

Elementary Teacher​

Undergrad/Graduate Professor

Non-profit Director

Labor & Employee Relations


Human Resources Specialist

Director of Learning and                   Development

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Guiding Principles: 

Growth - I value continuous improvement and enjoy learning. I work with clients that also strive for personal and professional growth. Isn't that was being an educator is all about? 

Integrity - I work with clients that are honest and believe in standing up for their moral principles. I am committed living a life that supports social justice issues and advocating for human rights. 


Authenticity - I don't have a "work personality" that is different from my personal life. Clients can count on me to be genuine, supportive, and caring. I work with clients that are authentic, honest, and work at building relationships.


Empowerment - I help clients to become stronger and more confident, to identify areas they can control and take action! I work with clients that believe "actions speak louder than words."


Trust - My clients can count on me to tell the truth and to be on their side. I work with clients that understand the importance of establishing and building trust through their role as educational leaders.

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