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Why Does Employee Retention Matter?
Employers Spend 33% of an Employee’s Salary
to Replace Them

(Forbes, May 2023)

I help employers who are concerned about losing their good employees,
confidentially gather employee feedback to determine an effective retention strategy.

Employee Turnover: A Costly Challenge💸

In every industry, employee attrition drains both money and productivity. The age-old wisdom of 'hire right and keep them happy' remains crucial today. However, a startling 51% of current employees are actively seeking new opportunities (Gallup's State of the Global Workplace 2023 Report), with 57.3% leaving their job (Zipia, Employee Turnover Statistics, Feb. 2023).

The silver lining lies in solutions for turnover, provided employers listen and respond to employee needs. Often, employees hesitate to share the true reasons for leaving, fearing repercussions for future references.


I am the CONFIDANTE — the consultant employers hire to uncover genuine employee needs. I confidentially gather, analyze, and report out on employee challenges; collaborating with individual supervisors to implement strategic responses.


Bottom line- I save employers money by helping them keep the high-quality employees they hired. 

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Leadership Coaching

Employees don't leave jobs, they leave bosses.

I help leaders capture the needs voiced by employees and respond to them, improving retention and saving the budget. According to Gallup's State of the Global Workplace 2023 Report:

1. Leaders need to focus on their most winnable employees. With nearly 60% of employees being disengaged in their work, changes need to happen to improve productivity and overall workplace culture. 

2. Leaders need to give employees a better manager. In order to improve, managers need the support of a trusted coach- a Confidante, who will both challenge and encourage them as they respond to employee needs.  

Research shows that successful leadership development is done through targeted skill-building support, mentoring, networking, and coaching. Let me help you build a successful and effective program that focuses on supporting leadership skill development over time. The best leaders never stop learning!

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What Clients Say

After conducting one-on-one veteran teacher interviews to gather staff feedback, "This was so helpful!  I also appreciate you and your report, it has brought about some of the most rich conversations I have witnessed."

 -Superintendent, Midwest School District 

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