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Upcoming Book 

Help Shape the Future of Education with Your Story

Are you a K-12 educator with a story to tell?


My upcoming book aims to address the critical challenges facing K-12 schools and explore solutions to improve teacher retention. Featuring personal accounts from teachers, administrators, and para-educators, this book will highlight the real-world experiences and insights necessary to tackle this pressing issue.
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Educator, Author, Education Advocate

Listening to School Experts

Quotes from Educators

“I developed physical signs of stress- extreme lack of energy and food sensitivity. I also had high anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed. I am very reflective and critical, so I definitely overanalyzed things during the day. I didn’t want to make it worse for the students. The stress after the pandemic and stress during was tremendous, higher student needs in schools and higher pressure for teachers.”

"The double-bind for female leaders in the education field is alive and well.  White male dominance at the administrative level is one of the major reasons for stagnation in the profession. There are many talented female educators who could offer dynamic solutions to issues facing education today. The education system was established in the 1800's during westward expansion. The dawn of the feminization of the "teacher" role." - Former 6-12 Spanish and Art Teacher, Nebraska

“I felt I could not teach the way I wanted to teach anymore.  My time in the classroom became more focused on managing behaviors and teaching to tests.  The academic and social gaps continued to grow over the years, yet the expectations of me as a teacher became more and more.  I was exhausted.  Then I had my daughter and realized I had nothing left for her by the time I got home. I could not imagine doing that for the rest of my life, so I decided to make a change.”

“As years go on, the students and parents have less respect for the schools and teachers.  There are significantly more behavior issues today than when I was in the classroom and way more parents in denial of it.  There is also much less support from the district in regards to students with disabilities which makes teaching challenging.  Bottom line is that every year teachers have more and more responsibilities added to their plates but without added compensation or support.” -Former First Grade and Technology Teacher, Florida

"I am still teaching and honestly I rethink my decision to stay in the profession each year when it comes time to sign my contract for the next year. I always think how different my life would be if I made more money doing far less work. Being a teacher doesn’t turn off at the end of the workday. It’s nights and weekends where we plan and catch up on grades and check emails. It doesn’t turn off. But then I sign that contract year after year because I know I am good at what I do and can’t leave the profession for whatever reason."

How YOU Can Help!

Who Can Participate:

  • Current K-12 teachers, administrators, and para-educators from all 50 states and the District of Columbia

  • Former K-12 educators who have left the profession since 2021

Ways to Share Your Story:

  1. Complete the Form: Share your experiences and suggestions through our easy-to-use online form:

  2. Video Interview: If you prefer, you can contact me directly to schedule a video interview. 

Support the Project:

If you would like more information about the book or want to support this important project financially, please reach out. By working together, we can create a lasting positive impact on education. 

Thank you! - Dr. Cindy Copich

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