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Education Employee Appreciation Giveaway

In our effort to show support and appreciation to education employees (those currently working in a PK-12 school district), we will draw the name of ONE winner EVERY month from those registered using the form below.

$100 gift card! 

You must attend the webinar on the third Thursday of every month 
to collect the prize. See additional information below. 
Webinar registration page is shown in the above menu.  

If the winner is NOT in attendance, the prize will be added to next month's drawing.

*Once registered for the giveaway, you do not need to sign up again.

To Win:

1. You must currently work in a PK-12 school to be eligible for the giveaway.

2. You must attend the monthly webinar on the third Thursday of the month (times vary) to claim your prize. 

3. A winner will be selected randomly during the webinar from those registered. 

4. One entry/person. One win/person. 

5. Your giveaway registration will remain active each month until you win.

6. Webinar information can be found on the website and sent through email. 

7. Check your spam and junk folders!

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